JULY 21 – AUGUST 2, 2017

Please join us to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Les Heures Romantiques entre Loire et Loir, founded by  Udo Reinemann in 1997 as an International platform for young artists, which continues to enchant mid-summers in the Touraine Region!

An exceptional occasion calls for exceptional programming: 

– Master classes (Schubert/Mahler/Ravel) by our Team  Mitsuko Shirai, Markus Hadulla, Dorian Astor, Claudin Solanet

– High number of concerts in true tradition, including appearances by many return artists from past and even early years.

Discover details of the Anniversary Program on this website, including how you can personally participate and support.


Artistic Team of Les Heures Romantiques entre Loire et Loir


1 - masterclass shirai      2 - masterclass hadulla